Terrace and Patio Container Gardens

When using terrace and patio container gardens, you may be surprised how easily you find a number of places you’ll want to fill with baskets, pots and planters. These outdoor living “rooms”, whether large or small, generally offer plenty of opportunities to fill any empty spots with containers. They are areas where containers are frequently used to soften the lines of the hard edges and flat surfaces created by the materials and architecture of the space.


This beautiful patio, despite the warm lights and the built-in fireplace, appears a bit cold to me, probably due to the large expanse of open space outside it and the coolness of the tile floor. The use of carefully placed large containers (on either side of the fireplace, against the far stone pillar, and under the window next to the chair) filled with bright, warmly colored flowers will help to make the patio feel warmer and cozier. ©istockphoto.com/Chuck Schmidt

Both of these spaces would be greatly enhanced with the use of some patio container gardens, and there are several spaces available in each case to show off some beautiful container arrangements!


Although there are plants on the other side of the railing of this small patio, it seems sterile and cold. Four or five hanging plants, mirrored by planters attached to the outside of the railing would give the patio color and texture. A couple of pots placed on either side of the seating area would finish the look and bring continuity to the space, and would also help to hide the electrical outlet. © Lucy Clark | Dreamstime.com


This small terrace already has a lot of warmth due to the red tone of the table and chairs and the brown wall. It just needs to be brightened up with a couple of large pots on either side of the swing, some planters trailing flowers and foliage hung along and/or at the base of the walls, and a pot sitting on the table. © Sarkao | Dreamstime.com

As these spaces are often used for entertaining and relaxation, the use of container gardens on patios and terraces helps to make these areas more inviting and livable. They can enhance architectural elements or conversely, hide unattractive features. Groupings of containers or large containers can be used to create partitions or boundaries that separate large spaces into smaller, more intimate areas. They can become a beautiful and interesting backdrop to your outdoor furnishings, or they can be the unique and artistic focal point of one area. They can act to establish or emphasize a border, or conversely act as a transition area into your yard or garden.


©istockphoto.com/Gary Alvis The frequent use of pots, wall planters and hanging baskets on these two (very different!) patio areas illustrates how the use of patio container gardens brightens them and makes them more interesting (and beautiful!) outdoor living areas.


© Chris Lofty | Dreamstime.com

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