I Love Container Gardening!
Let me show you why!

I have the best job in the world! I'm a gardener, and container gardening is my passion!! I get to spend my days outdoors helping others to beautify their part of the world by growing flowers and plants, and although a great deal of the work I do involves flower beds, I wanted to take the joy I find working with pots and planters one step further by helping others to learn how easy and satisfying it is to design, plant, and maintain a container full of flowers (or other plants)!

Growing gardens in containers is something that anyone and everyone can do, and just about any place or space can become a garden when you grow flowers and other plants in the unlimited variety of containers available.


And specifically, I want to feature my creative, unique and unusual container ideas!


At this site, we will "dig" into all the aspects of using pots, planters, window boxes, baskets, and a multitude of non-conventional containers to enhance your home and add liveability to your outdoor areas.


I will show you the why, how, and where that you can use to create beautiful container designs that will result in delightful flower arrangements that will beautify your house, yard and garden, no matter how large or small you want or need them to be.

So welcome to my site! I have filled it with an abundance of container garden pictures, and I hope to make this a place that you can not only find a lot of great, inexpensive ideas for your garden, but also lots of tips that will help you to find answers to your gardening problems.


If you're not a hands-on gardener yourself, I encourage you to consider giving me a call if you need help with your flower planting or the maintenance required to keep your flower pots or beds looking their very best! And I'd love to help you to design and plant your own container garden creations!

Bloomin' Pots and Plots Gardening Service
Let my gardening service help you to create a beautiful garden by planting and maintaining your flower beds and containers.
Creating A Container Garden
Why do I love creating a container garden? Because it's inherently creative, versatile, and easy!
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