It's My Business:
A closer look at my gardening service!

I'm a gardener, but rather than calling it a gardening service, I like to call my business a "flowerscaping" service because I love to fill your yard and garden with flowers! I'm one of those lucky people whose hobby has turned into their career, and I love the happiness that my flower beds and containers bring to my customers!

What my gardening service can do!

But please don't call me if you need a landscaper... I don't design or build landscapes. I will take what you already have in your yard and improve it with either general garden maintenance or by planting flowers in your beds or pots!

If you're out of time, out of patience, or out of town, let me do the work for you! If your weeds are out of control, your beds need a face-lift, your flower pots need some pizazz or you just can't find the time to give your garden the TLC it needs, give my gardening service a call!

Chris' garden

What can I do for you? I can plant and/or maintain your beds and containers throughout the year. I'll deadhead and trim your plants while your flowers are growing, and I'll cut them back and generally clean up your garden and pots before or after the growing season.

I will weed, rake, and/or fertilize as/if needed.

I can spray for deer, squirrels, and other unwelcome critters who love to chew on your garden.

And I'm happy to water and/or care for your plants for you if you go on vacation!

Gardener will plant your containers!

If you're interested in a free consultation, please give me a call! I can be reached at 719-229-7145 in the Colorado Springs area. Please leave a message if I'm unable to answer and I promise I'll return your call as soon as possible!

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