Creating A Container Garden

Why do I love creating a container garden? I have to admit, I have a passion for pots! I love to use containers to design a garden (or to accent a traditional one) that is filled with a multitude of unique and unusual pots and planters of beautiful flower arrangements!

This wall contains an abundance of containers! Wouldn't it be
wonderful to look out and see this display every morning!

Creating a container garden is wonderful for many reasons, but foremost among these is the versatility that is inherent when using them. Decorating the outdoors using containers or changing the look of your yard to reflect your own personal style is easy to do, simply by rearranging the placement, level or grouping of your containers. You can mix and match pot colors, styles, shapes and sizes. And choosing your pots and planters is fun and easy with the tremendous variety available in any price range!

This house, while beautifully landscaped, is just dying to be enhanced
with the addition of some container gardening! Imagine how it would
look with window boxes on the porch railings, and baskets of trailing
flowers hanging from the eves. A couple of large pots on either side of
the garage and the entryway, and perhaps a planter or two placed
between the bushes would add color and brighten the entire yard!
© Schmidt

It's easy to use containers to enhance the style of your home, yard
and garden by changing or adding different kinds of containers! From
formal urns to a planter hung on a picket fence, creating a container
gardens lets you express your individuality and creativity.
© Potatoe Photo

While I certainly enjoy the flowers I've planted in my flower beds, I particularly love container gardening because you don't have to have a plot of dirt to plant your flowers in (and it's a lot easier on your back and knees!). One of the best reasons why container gardening is so wonderful is that the work involved in gardening in containers is relatively easy compared to growing flowers in flower beds! (Although if you prefer the look of a traditional bed, you can achieve the same look using containers in above-ground container "beds", or with raised planters.) There's no kneeling on the ground or back-breaking turning of hard, nutrition-deprived soil.

Weeding is almost non-existent; what weeds do appear are few and far between and easy to pull. Because containers raise the level of your soil above the ground, dead-heading and trimming can be done while sitting on a low stool or by raising the container to a higher surface, thereby eliminating (or reducing, anyway!) the strain on your body.

And container gardening is so, well... creative! The variety of flowers and plants that you can use in pots not only equals but actually exceeds that of what can be put in the ground. Because planters control the growth of the plants that they hold, you can contain invasive plants and plant flowers that would otherwise over-spread and take over your flower bed, such as vines and other plants that spread via runners. And the combinations of plants you can use when designing your containers is unlimited!

This picture of a garden center shows only a fraction of the many
varieties of flowers and plants that are grown for planting in 
pots, planters, and any of your own unique containers!
© Moore

Many plants grown in pots can be over-wintered by bringing the pots indoors before the first frost. This allows you to use plants that would otherwise die if planted in a flower bed, such as tropical plants or those that are considered annuals in warmer parts of the country, such as bougainvillea.


Another reason why creating a container garden is so great is the variety of plants and flowers available! Virtually any plant can be put in a container: annuals, perennials, bulbs, shrubs, herbs, vegetables, and even small trees can be grown in a pot.

© Effects

Anyone can have a garden using containers, and places to display your containers are limitless... anywhere from a New York rooftop or a Florida patio, to a farmhouse porch or a southwestern courtyard. They're ideal for apartments with small balconies.

Container gardens can be large or small; a grouping of two or more small pots on a garden wall to a multitude of large pots and planter that fill an otherwise unsightly corner of your yard. You can put them anywhere and everywhere, as much as your space, time and budget allow!

This grouping of pots and planters sits where a driveway meets the start of a ravine. They brighten up an otherwise unattractive area of this yard, and forms a boundary between the landscaped and wild areas of the property.


And speaking of which... my favorite reason why creating a container garden is my passion, is because I love being able to make my container gardens spending as little money as possible! Which is a part of what this site is all about! I want to help you to fashion your own unique gardens by giving you ideas for unique, low-cost containers and potting ideas that will turn any area in your yard into a delightful sanctuary! My creative container ideas will compliment your flower beds by adding unusual items that emphasize the whimsical aspects of your garden, becoming decorative accents that will enhance the overall appeal of any yard!

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