Container Gardening Ideas: 
Where to Put Your Pots

When you contemplate your container gardening ideas about where to place your container gardens, your options are as varied as your imagination will allow! Containers can be hung from eves or railings, set on walls or ledges, attached to fences or under windows, or placed in groupings on decks, patios, or entryways. Steps or stairways are one of my favorite places to display my pots!

The entrance to this beautiful brownstone has taken advantage of a number of spaces available to place these container gardens! Both the top and base of the steps have a grouping of containers that mirror the flowers used on the stairs. Two large containers are attached to the brick wall and stand out nicely against them. A long window box filled with the same coral geraniums as the container at the base of the steps unifies the look, as do the containers placed on the patio in front of the lower window! 

© Wiedemann

A general rule of thumb when you consider your container gardening ideas about where to place your pots is to consider the amount of space you’re trying to fill. Containers can act as either an accent or the focal point of any space, and the size and number of containers you need to fill a space is of course directly related to how large of small the space is. Larger spaces need either larger containers or container groupings to help fill the space, whereas smaller spaces will look great with either a single medium-sized pot or a couple of smaller containers. In general, don’t overcrowd the space you’re trying to fill, whether it’s large or small. On the other hand, don’t use too small of a container in a large space, or it will get lost!

Notice how the small pots attached to the upper balcony are practically invisible compared to the abundance of flowers and greenery growing from the troughs at the entrance below them. Although the eye is drawn upward by the vines growing up the side of the facade, larger containers on the railings or placed at the base of the balcony would help to make it more visible, thereby evening out the display as a whole.

© Robert Nystrom |

This large pot with it’s huge plant not only anchors the the smaller
pots in front of it, but is large enough that the container grouping
doesn't get lost in the sea of greenery surrounding it.


Any space, as long as it meets several requirements that might affect your plants, will be enhanced by the addition of a beautiful container of foliage and flowers. When you think of your container gardening ideas about where to place container gardens, be sure to take into consideration the available light in the space you’re considering and whether your flowers prefer sun, shade, or a mix of both. Think about the air circulation and beware of reflective heat when choosing a location too, or you could end up frying your plants! In some instances you may need to be concerned about too much exposure to the wind, which can quickly dry out your soil, not to mention remove the soil from your pot on particularly gusty days.

This container garden grouped at the foundation of a house pops out
visually against the rust colored siding and fits nicely below the window
sill on the right. Hopefully this is on the shady side of the house, or
the impatiens, which like cooler areas, could suffer from too much light
and heat reflected from the building.

© onepony -

Deciding among your container gardening ideas about where to place container gardens requires that you keep some practical considerations in mind, also. Don’t put your containers where they will block your access to a faucet or your hose, and think about how far you may need to go when watering your plants. (Too many trips with a watering can can get old quickly, especially when the weather gets warm!) Try to keep them away from your electrical outlets, and don’t place them too close to your grill. If you place them within a few feet of the foundation of your house, be sure your gutters are clean and don’t leak, so that you don’t end up with flooded containers during some of summer’s occasional deluges.

Place your containers where they won’t be in the way of foot traffic, and watch that you don’t hang baskets so that you run into them or accidentally hit your head on them. Make sure that planters and pots placed above the ground, especially in or on plant stands,  are sturdily attached to a stable surface to avoid injury to either people or the plants! 

The hanging baskets surrounding this table and chairs might become
a problem when the plants reach maturity and trail further down the
side of the containers, by blocking the entrances to the table.

© Christina Richards |

Keep these ideas in mind, and take a good look around your house and yard. When you're deciding where to place container gardens, you’ll be amazed at the places you’ll find to put a pot, planter, or group of containers, and as you look, you'll be surprised how many additional container gardening ideas will pop into your head!!

This lovely urn brightens the corner of the wall because of the vibrant
colors of the plants and contrast of the white against the textured
grey of the wall. It’s size is perfect for the space it fills.


Some of the most common places to put your containers are patios
and terraces
; also porches, balconies, and decks. If you’re lucky enough to have access to the roof of your building, a rooftop garden can be an escape from the hassles of city living. When you're thinking about your container gardening ideas about where to place container gardens, don't forget about your entrances... entryways and doors are natural places to put your containers, as are your windows and windowsills. Walls and ledges are perfect for showing off your container gardens, and steps and pathways can utilize container gardens in many ways. And in your yard or garden the variety of creative uses for containers is unlimited.

Some miscellaneous ideas for where to place container gardens that I could suggest would be along side of and hanging on fences, at the base of and hanging on arbors, gazebos, lamp posts, and mailboxes. You could put them on either side of your garage door, on benches and tables, on old tree stumps, and at the bases of larger trees; around pools & ponds, and in rock gardens and other areas where flowers in beds would be hard to grow.

Your container gardening ideas will no doubt change from time to time, and that's part of what I love about it-the ability to change your pots, flowers, and where you place them from season to season, or from year to year!!

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